Cafe 99 to open in Yate

Date Posted:30/11/2012

A new cafe selling meals for just 99p is to open in Yate next month. Cafe 99 has taken a lease at 14 North Walk in Yate Shopping Centre and will open its doors on 5th December.

All dishes including slices of pizza, jacket potatoes, sandwiches, baguettes, Panini’s and sausage rolls are available to customers for less than a pound.

The concept is the brainchild of Cheltenham businessman Mr Emirali, who said: "It is a completely new concept and we do try to give customers value for money.

"We know what sells and what does not. Everything is made fresh on the premises daily and a lot of our products are sourced from local suppliers. We provide value in difficult times, but customer satisfaction is very important to us."

Continuing, Mr Emirali said: "The cafe is affordable and so reaches out to everybody in all parts of the community and caters for everybody – from the elderly to kids”.

“Buying products directly from local suppliers in high volume and working on a lower profit margin have helped keep the prices at 99p.” 

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