Ecology works start on Yate Shopping Centre Cinema site

Date Posted:11/06/2014

Works will start next week on addressing some of the ecology issues at the site for the proposed new cinema-led development on land adjoining the overflow car park in Link Road, Yate.

Following South Gloucestershire planners’ decision to grant approval for the scheme last month, legal issues are being finalised and the decision notice will be issued shortly. This allows the developer, Crestbridge Limited owners of Yate Shopping Centre, to start preparing the site for the relocation of the badgers as a first step towards construction starting later this year.

The badgers are currently under-mining the two cottages that sit on the site and will eventually be demolished to make way for new car parking.

Commenting on these initial works, Crestbridge’s Mark Hull, said: “The cottages are in a severe state of disrepair, mainly because over the last few years the badgers have established a main sett under the buildings which has prevented us from going into the houses to undertake repair works to them. Our first priority is to establish a new sett in the adjoining South Gloucestershire Council land and we are working closely with Natural England and the Council to build this so that the relocation can go ahead over the next few months.

“We will also be undertaking further works on the Council land to tidy-up and improve the site so that it is of maximum appeal to wildlife and is an asset to the town.” 

In coming months as the development progresses, Crestbridge will be implementing a Nature Conservation Management Plan to ensure the retained features within the site are properly maintained. This will include management of Council’s woodland habitat to the rear of the development site, promoting growth of fruiting trees and establishing structural diversity which is currently lacking. This will increase the value of this area for nesting and foraging birds and bats.

Work on building the new badger sett is expected to commence Tuesday, 17thJune and will last for approximately three days.


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