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Date Posted:31/05/2013

Yate New Town was opened in September 1965 and will be celebrating its 50thAnniversary in 2015. School children of Yate and district were invited to design tiles for a mural showing how they saw the Shopping Centre.

“This mural was a feature of the Shopping Centre for many years” said Andrew Lowrey Shopping Centre Manager, “and when we rebuilt Tesco we were able to relocate a copy of the original on the wall in East Walk”

Over the next year, Yate and Dodington in Bloom will be working with local school children to create a second mural to celebrate the 50 years since the Shopping Centre opened. Many changes have taken place over the years and we are hoping today’s children will have new and varied insights into the exciting developments taking place in the centre.

Andrew Lowrey said “It will be nice to have a second commemorative mural to mark our 50thanniversary and look forward to being engaged in this project.”

It would be particularly appropriate if any of the children (now adults!) who helped to create the original mural, are still living in the area, as we would be pleased to talk with you about the ideas behind the mural.

Please contact us on yanddinbloom@gmail.com or speak to any committee member.

You can also see our pages on www.myyate.co.uk/yate/environment/yate_in_bloom

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