Statement by Yate Shopping Centre in reference to non-essential shops opening, 15th June

Date Posted:15/06/2020

Andrew Lowrey, Centre Manager, said: “We are not expecting a mass opening of stores on 15th June but we will know more in the next few days. There are over 20 essential stores that have traded throughout the lockdown period and the remainder will start to open their doors as and when they have made the necessary preparations to welcome shoppers safely.

“We have already announced the extensive measures to ensure Centre visitors are able to social distance and we are now helping  individual shops with their plans. It is evident that the national high street retailers are focusing on a formal programme of openings with set locations first.

“As and when we receive further information we will advise the public but our priority at the moment is to ensure that we have a well-organised system in place to help the public get around the Centre whilst adhering to the Government’s social distancing guidelines. We are pleased that the majority of our customers are following the measures that we have implemented and our message is very much help us to help you.

“We would like to take this opportunity  to say a big thank you to the NHS for their wonderful selfless work and also to the retailers who have continued to trade providing essential goods and services to our customers.”

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